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Zorimar Briceño

Immigration Paralegal

Zorimar Briceno was born in Venezuela. Since she was little, she has advocated for the rights of others. Her empathy and leadership skills led her to study law at Rafael Urdaneta University (URU) in Maracaibo, Venezuela where she received her degree. During her law career, she received 7 honor roll diplomas for her high performance. After becoming a lawyer in Venezuela, she moved to the United States to study English. She studied in Washington, DC at the International Language Institute. While living in DC, she became involved with different non-profit Venezuelan organizations, where she met with congress delegates, United Nations representatives, and the secretary of the Organization of American States to share her knowledge and expertise regarding the human violations that were happening in her home country of Venezuela.  A year later, Zorimar returned to Venezuela and started practicing commercial and civil law independently. Then, she became an International Agent for an International Company called "You World Wide", where she worked with different attorneys helping Venezuelans, who sought to invest or study abroad. Due to the political situation in her home country, she decided to move back to the US. While living in New York City, she had the opportunity to continue to fight for the rights of all Venezuelans outside their home country as one of the coordinators for the state of NY for the non-profit organization Venezuelans Students and Leaders Abroad "Estudiantes y Líderes Venezolanos en el Exterior - EVE". Zorimar then moved to the immigration field to continue helping Venezuelans who were forced to flee their home country due to political persecution and the current humanitarian crisis, and who have come to the US seeking protection. Zorimar now has more than 5 years of experience working with removal cases of all types and has worked closely with two Immigration Judges. She is seeking to take the bar exam in the US to become a licensed Attorney and to continue her fight for those that have been forced to flee their countries seeking protection abroad.